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Save your map project in ExcelE-Maps Project button

The most wanted feature in Excel E-Maps is available now in E-Map Pro. Save your map layers, points, heatmap, thematics in a Project file.

Excel E-Maps Project

The project file (a file with ’emp’ file-extension) stores information on your Excel spreadsheet, the tab you geocoded, and from release 2.0.5 it even stores drawn objects. 
When you open your project file, E-Maps will generate the map layers by automatic geocoding, create thematic shading, plot the labels and will generate the drawn objects in the drawing layer.  Using the Project saves you time and reproduces the same maps as you had before. 

See how the Project works on youtube.

E-Maps Project file explained

Excel Mobility Pro

Excel Mobility Pro is released!

Mobility Pro has powerful tools to analyse and visualize mobility. Mobility Pro has more routing options, isochrones, isodistance plus two extra map layers – Traffic and Transit.

Traffic (real time)

Traffic (real time)

Traffic (real time), isochrone and ring buffer

Traffic (real time), isochrone and ring buffer

Transit and ring buffer

Transit and ring buffer











Read more on Excel Mobility. Check the webshop of First Element to buy or download Excel Mobility.


Excel E-Maps: your data will remain yours

Your contacts, customers or other valuable information can be plotted on a map. You can combine the information in seperate layers which makes the map even more valuable to you.

And it should be yours only! There are ‘low cost’ or ‘free’ plotting services available on the web. Many of them use Google ™ or Bing ™ background mapping and geocoding services. But these services very often store your information. Your valuable information even becomes their property according to their terms and conditions. These services can use your information and your relationship with other information for any purpose, like marketing and advertising.

We feel that your information belongs to you! That is why we enable you to plot as often as you like, without storing the geocodes or the coordinates you used on our side.

Project_overviewAnd if you do not wish to geocode every time you want to create a map, just use the project file. The geocoding and thematic shading is done automatically for you.

note: Geocoding and mapping in Excel E-Maps is based on Here ™.
Here ™ does not relate data to you. That is why E-Maps uses Here services, the highest standard in routing, mapping and geocoding.

Excel 2016

With the new release of Office 2016, E-Maps has been tested as plug-in for the new version of Office. All functions work correctly. The interface is slightly different, due to the grey background in Excel 2016. You can use your current registration for E-Maps in Excel 2016. See the differences in interface below (2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007). See as well the updates and release history of E-Maps.

Different releases of Office and E-Maps

Excel 2016 2013 2010 2007

Excel 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007

New video tutorials for 2.0

We have added new video tutorials and instructions on YouTube. The tutorials help you to learn more about the functionality of E-Maps. If you subscribe to the YouTube ExcelMaps channel, you will be notified automatically when new video’s are available.

E-Maps on Youtube

New interface Excel E-Maps

Excel E-Maps 2.0 has a new interface. The ribbon has the new look and feel of the most modern Office and Windows applications.

Even more important is that we have reduced the number of clicks. From addresses in your Excel sheet to a nice thematic map is done through one menu and one sequence. This is good news for the novice GIS users that want to create great looking maps within Excel.


More points to plot in free trial version

E-Maps trialFrom now on, we made it possible for you to plot more points in the free trial version of Excel E-Maps. This means better understanding of the possibilities and features of the Excel plug-in.

You can plot the address or postal codes in batches of maximum 2.000 per time, per layer. The total number of points you can plot in the free trial version is 5.000.

Remember that plotting points on a map can also be done by coordinates, if you have them. Plotting on a map by using a full or a partial address or a postal code in Excel E-Maps is named geocoding. The good thing is, you can use it worldwide!

In the paid, full version, geocoding is not limited, but based on fair use.

Bar charts

bar charts

Bar charts delftExcel E-maps has a new bar chart or column bar graph function. The bar chart has vertical rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent.

The size, color and transparancy can be adjusted.

Dutch hospital top 100

AD ziekenhuis top 100

The Netherlands

Dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ has publicised her annual hospital test. You will find the results plotted on a map where you can find this years’ score in the outer circle and the results of 2013 in the inner.

Explanation of the used colors: The redder, the worse, the greener the better the score. In E-Maps we used two thematic maps with different diameter on top of each other.