New symbols for thematic

New thematic colouring in Excel E-Maps. Select symbol and vary the shading. Continue reading

Summer promotion: €100 discount* on E-Maps Pro

Summer promotion Create even more advanced maps and analysis with E-Maps Pro. Existing and new users will receive a free upgrade to E-Maps Pro when purchasing E-Maps Standard until 31 August 2018. Use code “SUMMERMAPPING2018” in our webshop and receive E-Maps Pro for a year!   Compare both E-Maps licenses and start...

Three simplified maps

E-Maps update Three simplified new map layers are added in the new E-Maps update (E-Maps for E-Maps Pro, Advanced and Mobility. This update makes it possible to create contemporary reports. The three new map layers are: Reduced (no streets), Hybrid (no labels) and Terrain (no labels). See below the...

Statistics of the selection

To get more insights in your data, we added a statistic feature.     When selecting objects on a map or rows of data in a sheet, you can quickly see the Min, Max, Average, Count and Sum of the data. Select a specific column first for the data you...

E-Maps project

Save your map project in Excel The most wanted feature in Excel E-Maps is available now in E-Map Pro. Save your map layers, points, heatmap, thematics in a Project file. The project file (a file with emp-extension) opens your Excel file where you based the map on and it generates all the layers...

Circle selections are standard in E-Maps Pro

New feature in E-Maps – circle selections From February 2017 First Element added circle selections as standard option in E-Maps Pro, Advanced and Mobility. This feature is added on request of our users. Cirkel selections are useful to have spatial insights around a location. For more advanced selections, you can use the...

Adjustable colours and ranges in heatmap

New heatmap settings Always wanted to change the colour scheme of the heatmap? Or do you need different colors to emphasize the importance of locations or negative values? Heatmaps are widely used to analyse and visualise density and intensity of data. E-Maps supports both heatmaps based on density and heatmaps based on...

E-Maps 2.0 – the Map In Excel

  • Create great maps excel mapwith the best Excel GIS add-in
  • E-Maps has high quality background maps, powered by Here (Navteq / Nokia)
  • To create a map, just plot your data based on address, postal code
  • Plot maps based on X and Y coordinates
  • Display the results on the map and create a thematic coloured map
  • Add labels for more information
  • Print your map or copy it to your presentation, report or PDF
  • Buy E-Maps now for prices starting at € 125 in our webshop
  • Or download your 14 day free trial

See the overview of functionality

E-Maps video

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