Circle selections are standard in E-Maps Pro

From February 2017, the circle selections are standaard in E-Maps Pro. This feature is added to E-Maps Pro on request of our users. Cirkel selections are useful to have spatial insights round a location. For more advanced selections, you can use the isochrones or isodistance selections. This feature is part...

Adjustable colours and ranges in heatmap

New settings Always wanted to change the colour scheme of the heatmap? Or do you need different colors to emphasize the importance of locations or negative values? Discover the new settings for heatmaps in Excel E-Maps (E-Maps Advanced version only).

Use a Shapefile in E-Maps

SHP (Shapefile) is a vector file format associated with a geographic information system (GIS) software program. The SHP format was developed by Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) with the aim of increasing interoperability with other GIS software programs. SHP files with polygons (area’s) can be used to create thematic maps in Excel...

E-Maps Advanced for time and distance selections

E-Maps Advanced, your start in distance and drivetime analyses. Designed for quick distance analyses, we added radius select, isochrone and isodistance select. These new features give you more insight in geographical selections without the need to buy expensive software. The new features include: create isochrones or isodistance boundaries and select...

Coffeeshops and schools in Amsterdam

One of our new customers, Willem van Es (Addwhere Urban Intelligence), did a brief study on the relation of coffeeshops and schools in Amsterdam. See the PDF for Schools vs Coffeeshops 0216

Excel Mobility Pro

Excel Mobility Pro released! Mobility Pro has powerful tools to analyse and visualize mobility. Mobility Pro has more routing options, isochrones, isodistance plus two extra map layers – Traffic and Transit. Read more on Excel Mobility

Excel E-Maps: your data will remain yours

Your contacts, customers or other valuable information can be plotted on a map. You can combine the information in seperate layers which makes the map even more valuable to you. And it should be yours only! There are ‘low cost’ or ‘free’ plotting services available on the web. Many of...

E-Maps 2.0 – the Map In Excel

Excel GIS thematic map

  • Create great maps in Excel
  • Plot your address, postal code or use X and Y coordinates
  • Display the results, create a thematic coloured map
  • Add labels
  • Print or copy your map to your presentation or PDF
  • Buy now for prices starting at € 149,50 via our webshop (21% VAT included)
  • 14 day trial version for free
  • High quality background maps, powered by Here (Navteq)

Watch the video to see how E-Maps works.

Buy now online from € 149,50 (incl. VAT) or download the 14-day trial

E-Maps uses online roadmaps and aerial maps. Depending on which version you use, there is a greater choice of background maps.
For the use of E-Maps you need an internet connection.
The Excel map add-in uses the mapping service of Here ™ (Nokia / Navteq) for roadmaps, hybrid maps, aerial maps and geocoding of addresses and postcodes collected as Excel data.

Excel E-Maps is specially developed as a GIS viewer for Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013.

E-Maps for Excel™ is available in three types for plotting points.
All versions have the world map available as background map.

  1. standard – plotting points worldwide from an address, postcode or location. The background maps are from Here ™
  2. pro – extensive functionality for selections, high resolution maps and layered PDF. Use Esri Shape files as a background or to design thematic maps.
  3. advanced – selection of points based on isochrones, advanced drawing functionalities like points, polygon en incremental circles.

After installation the add-in will be added to the ribbon and is completely integrated in Excel, as DataMap in Excel 97/2000 was integrated.


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