Excel E-Maps update history and download

Note: read our License Agreement before downloading E-Maps and using the software application.
Some release notes will be removed or made more compact after new releases.

How to get the latest E-Maps release. Suitable for new users and as upgrade for current users:

  • Download the installer: E-Maps.exe (112 MB)
  • Having problems using the self extracting executable?
    Download E-Maps_Installers.zip (112 MB), extract the files to your computer and run E-Maps setup.exe.

Release notes

E-Maps (September 2021)

E-Maps tool button

The map window now also has a select tool button for faster switching between panning and selecting.


E-Maps (August 2021)

  • Performance improvement for thematic maps.
  • The last selected background map will be set as default for the next time you start E-Maps.

E-Maps (February 2021)

  • Significant performance improvements for loading  and geocoding large datasets.

E-Maps (December 2020)

E-Maps (November 2020)

  • Better positioning data which is added to the map in combination with a shapefile.
  • Improved display of Dutch cadastral map.

E-Maps (May 2020)

  • A long awaited feature, the distance measure tool (ruler)
  • New functionality in E-Maps Advanced: point in polygon
    select points within an imported Shape (.shp) boundary or your own created polygons.
  • Fix for problem with saving project files.

E-Maps (October 2019)

  • New version (v4) of cadastral map in PDOK version.
  • Improved zoom levels for AHN3 maps in PDOK version.
  • Drawn objects and isochrones can be saved in the project file (Advanced and Mobility version only).
  • Labels will be hidden when layer is disabled.

E-Maps (September 2018)

  • Project files now also support the label function.
  • It is now possible to change the symbol for a thematic layer (individual and range theme).

E-Maps (August 2018)

  • New installer which includes all pre requirements.
  • Improved heatmap algorithm.

E-Maps (July 2018)

  • Fix for warning when geocoding data based on 1 column.
  • Extra map layer AHN2 for E-Maps PDOK (only for Dutch market).

E-Maps (June 2018)

  • Geocoding accuracy improvement for PDOK version (for the Netherlands only).
  • The last selected country for geocoding is stored and set as default for the next session.

E-Maps (January 2018)

  • Fix for building thematic maps based on a SHP file from the PRJ file.
  • Three new map types for contemporary maps: Hybrid (no labels), Reduced and Reduced (no roads)

E-Maps (August 2017)

  • New hybrid map layer for PDOK version (for The Netherlands only).
  • New map layers for PDOK version (for The Netherlands only).
  • Improved geocoding for PDOK version (for The Netherlands only).
  • Statistics window for numeric content of selected records (Advanced and Mobility versions).

E-Maps (March 2017)

  • Expand your selection in the same layer by holding the Ctrl-key while selecting.
  • Fix for geocoding issues in the Netherlands for E-Maps PDOK.

E-Maps (February 2017)

  • We added circle selections to the E-Maps Pro version.
  • Added OSM Transportation layer for mobility version.
  • Mobility versions now support multiple modality route calculations simultaneously.
  • Improved geocoding algorithm.
  • Enhanced search when having the full address in one column.
  • Automatic check for updates changed to once every 3 days instead of every time.
  • Added functionality to modify heatmap colors and values for the Advanced version
  • Project files now contain relative paths, which makes it possible to copy or move the files together

E-Maps (March 2016)

  • Release of the new Advanced version
  • Performance improvement for loading a SHP (ESRI shape) file

E-Maps (December 2015)

  • Release of E-Maps Mobility Pro
  • Added option for modifying map size and map zoom
  • Support for Excel 2016

E-Maps (July 2015)

  • New release (version 2.0)
  • Enhanced usability
  • Redesigned buttons