How to save your map as a Project

When you save your map with addresses, thematic shading and an imported boundary file a Project File, all steps to create the same map again will be saved in a file with .prj extension.
This means that when you open the Project File, the necessary Excel Files will be loaded. Steps like geocoding and creating a heatmap will be executed on these Excel Files.

Changes in an Excel File that is part of a project, will also make change in your map. For example, extra addresses, or a changed Shape file will be used when opening the project.

Save project

Save Project

To save a project, click on Save Project.

Browse to the location where you want to save your project and give your project a name.

Your project has now been saved.

Open Project

Open Project

To open a project, click on Open Project.

Browse to the location where you saved the project and open the project file (.prj).

If a required Excel File can’t be found, E-Maps will ask you to move to the location of the required File(s).

Explainer video

To learn more about Project Files, watch the video below.