Excel E-maps 2.0

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Put your data on a map in Excel™, just in a few clicks!
Excel E-Maps is the most user friendly GIS viewer for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 en 2016.


  • works with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • place points on a map based on coordinates or geocode on an address
  • find an address and display its location on the map
  • create thematic maps: thematic points, pie charts, bar charts and heat maps
  • export maps as an image, layered PDF or just print

E-Maps for Excel™ is available in three versions

  1. Standard – worldwide geocoding based on full address, postal code or city. High quality background maps from Here ™ or blank map
  2. Pro – all features of the Standard version plus extra background maps and enhanced selection capabilities like circle and marquee. Import your own Esri Shape file as background layer or colour it as a thematic map.
  3. Advanced – all features of the Pro version plus advanced selecting and drawing capabilities. Make a selection of locations based on travel time and/or -distance from a given point using car or walking. Draw a line, circles, shapes or a point to enhance your maps

Comparison table

€ 123,55
excl. VAT
1 year license
€ 119,50 after 1 year

€ 206,20
excl. VAT
1 year license
€ 164,88 after 1 year

on request

1 year license

Background maps:
– Here ™ Roads
– Here ™ Aerial
– Here ™ Hybrid
– Here ™ Terrain
– Here ™ Roads Gray
– Here ™ Roads Night
– OpenStreetMap Roads
– OpenStreetMap Gray

Place points using:
– Coordinates
– Addresses
– Zipcodes

Thematic types:
– Individual colors
– Range colors
– Range Sizes
– Pie charts
– Bar charts
– Standard heatmap
– Standard heatmap per layer
– Value based heatmap per layer
– Modify heatmap colors/values

Thematic objects:
– Points
– Polygons (from shape)

Import Shape (SHP) files check check
Selection types:
– Point selection
– Marquee selection
– Polygon selection
– Radius selection
– Pedestrian Isochrone selection
– Car Isochrone selection

Drawing capabilities:
– Points
– Polygons
– Rectangles
– Lines (arrow)
– Circles (with specific radius)

Export to:
– Image
– High quality image
– Layered PDF

Save and open project check check
Calculate statistics check


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