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The most wanted feature in Excel E-Maps is available now in E-Map Pro. Save your map layers, points, heatmap, thematics in a Project file.

The project file (a file with emp-extension) opens your Excel file Excel E-Maps Projectwhere you based the map on and it generates all the layers again. The geocoding is done automatically, with the latest address, the creation of the thematic map as well as the labels. A Project saves you time and gives you the same map.

See how it works on youtube.


What is MapPoint? MapPoint E-Maps

Since 2000 organizations used Microsoft MapPoint for quick geographic insights. The tool had background maps for large parts of the world and for many countries you could geocode. The software and the maps had to be installed on a (network) harddrive.

People used MapPoint for quick geographic visualisations and analyses of their own MS Acces or Excel data. In selected countries routing was an option as well. By the end of 2014, Microsoft stopped developing MapPoint.

Excel E-Maps the successor of MapPoint

What comes after MapPoint is the easy to use, Excel mapping plug-in E-Maps. E-Maps provides worldwide advanced geocoding, based on address, postal code or city names. The Excel add-in is the best tool for GEO analysis with features like heatmap, choroplets and other thematic mapping. E-Maps uses the up-to-date map and geocoding engine from Here ™.
Isochrones and routing capabilities are available in E-Maps Mobility.

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Downloading the trial

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Would you like to start easy map making in Excel? Try then the trial of Excel E-Maps. Download your free 14-day trial of Excel E-Maps.

  • Just register in our webshop and download your file.
  • E-Maps requires Windows operating system and Excel (2007, 2010 or 2013).
  • E-Maps appears as an extra menu in Excel. See image below.

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