Adjustable colours and ranges in heatmap

New heatmap settings

Always wanted to change the colour scheme of the heatmap? Or do you need different colors to emphasize the importance of locations or negative values?

Heatmaps are widely used to analyse and visualise density and intensity of data. E-Maps supports both heatmaps based on density and heatmaps based on a value of the data. Adjust the colours, the ranges and display negative values.

E-Maps has baisc heatmap functionality in all versions. E-Maps Pro has the additional value based heatmaps. Discover the new specifications for heatmaps in Excel E-Maps.

Data point entry for a heatmap with a weight attribute

Data point entry

Heatmaps are based on point locations. The number of points are the bases for the heatmap. Now, we offer a second feature to build heatmaps based on point locations with an attribute. For example, let us have a look below. You will see the number of incidents at a specific postalcode location. See below as an example how eventually this data turns into a heatmap.

incidents per postcode

















The standard E-Maps heatmap functionality (activated through the button) uses only the point locations as the bases for the heatmap. This feature often is used when registring (GPS) locations. With this new functionality, we offer a wider range of visualizing your data.