New interface Excel E-Maps

Excel E-Maps 2.0 has a new interface. The ribbon has the new look and feel of the most modern Office and Windows applications.

Even more important is that we have reduced the number of clicks. From addresses in your Excel sheet to a nice thematic map is done through one menu and one sequence. This is good news for the novice GIS users that want to create great looking maps within Excel.


Import a Shape map

Import shape map buttonImport your own map in SHAPE format on top of the background map and get even better looking maps.

If you have a vector map in SHAPE format (extension shp), you may import the map. E-Maps is designed to work with WGS84 format (other projections may work). The base files for the map should have a project file (extension .prj) too.

See the tutorial how to import the map.

Vector maps can be coloured or used for thematic shading.

thematic schanged










Less is more

Easy and less complicated

We developed E-Maps to produce maps and visualisations in Excel in an easy way. There are many ways to create noice maps and now we added the “Blank” background. With this option, you can omit the background and create maps with transparency (PNG of GIF) or just without a background map.

Background map choice


Data point entry for a heatmap with a weight attribute

Heatmaps are based on point locations. The number of points are the bases for the heat map. Now, we offer a second feature to build heatmaps based on point locations with an attribute.

incidents per postcode

For example, the number of incidents at a postalcode location.










At the standard E-Maps heatmap functionality, activated through the button, only the point locations are the bases for the heatmap. This feature often is used when registring (GPS) locations. With the new functionality, we offer a wider range of visualizing your data.

ISO3 country codes

ISO3 countrycode table

ISO3 Country name
ABW Aruba
AFG Afghanistan
AGO Angola
AIA Anguilla
ALA Åland Islands
ALB Albania
AND Andorra
ARE United Arab Emirates
ARG Argentina
ARM Armenia
ASM American Samoa
ATA Antarctica
ATF French Southern Territories
ATG Antigua and Barbuda
AUS Australia
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijan
BDI Burundi
BEL Belgium
BEN Benin
BES Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
BFA Burkina Faso
BGD Bangladesh
BGR Bulgaria
BHR Bahrain
BHS Bahamas
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BLM Saint Barthélemy
BLR Belarus
BLZ Belize
BMU Bermuda
BOL Bolivia, Plurinational State of
BRA Brazil
BRB Barbados
BRN Brunei Darussalam
BTN Bhutan
BVT Bouvet Island
BWA Botswana
CAF Central African Republic
CAN Canada
CCK Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CHE Switzerland
CHL Chile
CHN China
CIV Côte d’Ivoire
CMR Cameroon
COD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
COG Congo
COK Cook Islands
COL Colombia
COM Comoros
CPV Cape Verde
CRI Costa Rica
CUB Cuba
CUW Curaçao
CXR Christmas Island
CYM Cayman Islands
CYP Cyprus
CZE Czech Republic
DEU Germany
DJI Djibouti
DMA Dominica
DNK Denmark
DOM Dominican Republic
DZA Algeria
ECU Ecuador
EGY Egypt
ERI Eritrea
ESH Western Sahara
ESP Spain
EST Estonia
ETH Ethiopia
FIN Finland
FJI Fiji
FLK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FRA France
FRO Faroe Islands
FSM Micronesia, Federated States of
GAB Gabon
GBR United Kingdom
GEO Georgia
GGY Guernsey
GHA Ghana
GIB Gibraltar
GIN Guinea
GLP Guadeloupe
GMB Gambia
GNB Guinea-Bissau
GNQ Equatorial Guinea
GRC Greece
GRD Grenada
GRL Greenland
GTM Guatemala
GUF French Guiana
GUM Guam
GUY Guyana
HKG Hong Kong
HMD Heard Island and McDonald Islands
HND Honduras
HRV Croatia
HTI Haiti
HUN Hungary
IDN Indonesia
IMN Isle of Man
IND India
IOT British Indian Ocean Territory
IRL Ireland
IRN Iran, Islamic Republic of
IRQ Iraq
ISL Iceland
ISR Israel
ITA Italy
JAM Jamaica
JEY Jersey
JOR Jordan
JPN Japan
KAZ Kazakhstan
KEN Kenya
KGZ Kyrgyzstan
KHM Cambodia
KIR Kiribati
KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis
KOR Korea, Republic of
KWT Kuwait
LAO Lao People’s Democratic Republic
LBN Lebanon
LBR Liberia
LBY Libya
LCA Saint Lucia
LIE Liechtenstein
LKA Sri Lanka
LSO Lesotho
LTU Lithuania
LUX Luxembourg
LVA Latvia
MAC Macao
MAF Saint Martin (French part)
MAR Morocco
MCO Monaco
MDA Moldova, Republic of
MDG Madagascar
MDV Maldives
MEX Mexico
MHL Marshall Islands
MKD Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
MLI Mali
MLT Malta
MMR Myanmar
MNE Montenegro
MNG Mongolia
MNP Northern Mariana Islands
MOZ Mozambique
MRT Mauritania
MSR Montserrat
MTQ Martinique
MUS Mauritius
MWI Malawi
MYS Malaysia
MYT Mayotte
NAM Namibia
NCL New Caledonia
NER Niger
NFK Norfolk Island
NGA Nigeria
NIC Nicaragua
NIU Niue
NLD Netherlands
NOR Norway
NPL Nepal
NRU Nauru
NZL New Zealand
OMN Oman
PAK Pakistan
PAN Panama
PCN Pitcairn
PER Peru
PHL Philippines
PLW Palau
PNG Papua New Guinea
POL Poland
PRI Puerto Rico
PRK Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
PRT Portugal
PRY Paraguay
PSE Palestine, State of
PYF French Polynesia
QAT Qatar
REU Réunion
ROU Romania
RUS Russian Federation
RWA Rwanda
SAU Saudi Arabia
SDN Sudan
SEN Senegal
SGP Singapore
SGS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
SHN Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
SJM Svalbard and Jan Mayen
SLB Solomon Islands
SLE Sierra Leone
SLV El Salvador
SMR San Marino
SOM Somalia
SPM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
SRB Serbia
SSD South Sudan
STP Sao Tome and Principe
SUR Suriname
SVK Slovakia
SVN Slovenia
SWE Sweden
SWZ Swaziland
SXM Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
SYC Seychelles
SYR Syrian Arab Republic
TCA Turks and Caicos Islands
TCD Chad
TGO Togo
THA Thailand
TJK Tajikistan
TKL Tokelau
TKM Turkmenistan
TLS Timor-Leste
TON Tonga
TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TUN Tunisia
TUR Turkey
TUV Tuvalu
TWN Taiwan, Province of China
TZA Tanzania, United Republic of
UGA Uganda
UKR Ukraine
UMI United States Minor Outlying Islands
URY Uruguay
USA United States
UZB Uzbekistan
VAT Holy See (Vatican City State)
VCT Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VEN Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
VGB Virgin Islands, British
VIR Virgin Islands, U.S.
VNM Viet Nam
VUT Vanuatu
WLF Wallis and Futuna
WSM Samoa
YEM Yemen
ZAF South Africa
ZMB Zambia
ZWE Zimbabwe

45 seconds demo script

We developed a script to show your colleagues how to create a map in 45 seconds.

The script for the 45 second demo:

  1. Open the file (or prepare this)
  2. Select all the data in left corner
  3. Menu: Add Data to map
  4. Select Address / Zipcodes and click
  5. Mark Add result column and click Next
  6. type a Layername (optional)
  7. Click Finish
  8. Show the audience the map, move around, show the Result column in your Excel sheet
  9. Click Show / Hide Layer list
  10. Click Show / Hide Heatmap
  11. 45 seconds!!

go on for the next 45 seconds:

  1. Change Background Map   
  2. Save Map as image or PDF
  3. Click Object Select , click on a point and see the data highlighted in your Excel
  4. Click another row in your Excel sheet and see the map zoom to the selected point.
  5. Click  Marquee Select
  6. Select a rectangle on your map and see the data selected in your Excel Sheet
  7. Copy and paste the data to a new sheet or
  8. Add the selection to your map by Add Data to Map
  9. Optionally you can add a layer with thematic shading of varying in size and of course: labels
  10. 90 seconds!!

Address matching with result code

add_result geocodingWe added the funtionality to display the result of address matching (geocoding) as an extra column.

This feature enables you to check the quality of your addresses and location of the points on your map.

Preferably, a country code will be used in the data field: Country.

See the list of ISO3 country codes.





Addresses can be geocoded with Pitney Bowes Spectrum or Nokia Here.