Bar charts

bar charts

Bar charts delftExcel E-maps has a new bar chart or column bar graph function. The bar chart has vertical rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent.

The size, color and transparancy can be adjusted.

Import a Shape map

Import shape map buttonImport your own map in SHAPE format on top of the background map and get even better looking maps.

If you have a vector map in SHAPE format (extension shp), you may import the map. E-Maps is designed to work with WGS84 format (other projections may work). The base files for the map should have a project file (extension .prj) too.

See the tutorial how to import the map.

Vector maps can be coloured or used for thematic shading.

thematic schanged

New labels

label featured mapsThe new labels in Excel E-Maps are controlled from the layer menu. The style and column can be changed. The label has a Halo style for good visability and is placed right of the point.

45 seconds demo script

E-Maps demo script

We developed a script to show your colleagues how to create a map in 45 seconds.

The script for the 45 second demo:

  1. Open the file (or prepare this)
  2. Select all the data in left corner
  3. Menu: Add Data to map
  4. Select Address / Zipcodes and click
  5. Mark Add result column and click Next
  6. type a Layername (optional)
  7. Click Finish
  8. Show the audience the map, move around, show the Result column in your Excel sheet
  9. Click Show / Hide Layer list
  10. Click Show / Hide Heatmap
  11. 45 seconds!!

go on for the next 45 seconds:

  1. Change Background Map 
  2. Save Map as image or PDF
  3. Click Object Select , click on a point and see the data highlighted in your Excel
  4. Click another row in your Excel sheet and see the map zoom to the selected point.
  5. Click Marquee Select
  6. Select a rectangle on your map and see the data selected in your Excel Sheet
  7. Copy and paste the data to a new sheet or
  8. Add the selection to your map by Add Data to Map
  9. Optionally you can add a layer with thematic shading of varying in size and of course: labels
  10. 90 seconds!!